Why do you charge an initial fee regardless of whether the request for funding is accepted?


In order to assess the possibility of providing the requested funding, an in-depth examination of the case is performed by top level professionals. This process requires certain costs, for which an initial payment is required. It should be noted that the Fund’s decision regarding the funding can assist the potential plaintiff, since even a negative answer provides an important indication with regards to the case’s financial viability. 

If we lose the claim, will we have to repay the costs to the Fund?


No. the Fund is solely responsible for the funding of the claim. Cost return and the Fund’s profits are dependent on funds awarded in your favor in a favorable judgement or settlement.


In which cases can I address the Fund?

The Fund offers funding for civil-commercial claims, both in the court and in arbitration, as long as the expected outcome is higher than NIS 5,000,000.

Does the Fund represent us in court?

No. should the Fund approve the funding request, it does not represent the client in court. The client will be represented by an attorney of his choice that is approved by the Fund. The Fund can assist the client in his negotiation with the attorney. 

Do I choose the attorney that will represent me in the case?

Yes. The plaintiff chooses his own attorney. As a prerequisite for funding, both the attorney and the legal fee agreement must be approved by the Fund. Upon request, the Fund will assist the client in locating a suitable attorney, as well as negotiating and drafting the best possible legal fee agreement.