The First Libra Fund: Believing in your claim – and justifiably so!

The First Libra Fund was established with the purpose of creating a new reality in Israel, one in which justified claims are not abandoned due to lack of funding. The Fund offers a unique model, the first of its kind in Israel, according to which it finances the legal expenses related with the claim, allowing the client to continue his investments in business development.

what we do

The First Libra Fund offers a model that has been successfully implemented in many countries worldwide:
the Fund finances claims which lack funding but have a high chance of success, or claims that are filed by companies interested in hedging their financial risks. In case of a favorable judgment, the Fund shares the proceeds with the plaintiffs and is compensated for its investment.

The model offered by the Fund creates a win-win situation in the legal system:

In the bottom line, the Fund creates an environment in which a greater number of justified claims are filed, while claims with lesser chances of success are identified as such and aren’t funded, thus providing the plaintiff with an opportunity to reach an educated decision and avoid filing the claim altogether.


The Team

The Fund’s Investment Board is a central and crucial aspect of the Fund’s activity, and is comprised of renowned jurists, economists and businesspeople.

The First Libra Fund employs experts in the fields of Law, Economics and Business, all of which have a wealth of experience, impressive achievements and an in-depth familiarity with Litigation and Arbitration.

Who are we

The First Libra Fund is a fund which finances legal claims and is incorporated as a Limited Partnership in Israel.

Core Values


The Fund’s business model delivers an important social value: it alters the existing reality and allows for the filing of worthy and justifiable cases that would have been abandoned due to funding difficulties, improves the level of legal representation by affording the client the opportunity to hire qualified attorneys and contributes to the strengthening of the legal system. The Fund also maintains the value of reciprocity – the Fund’s gains are the parties’ gains.

Finally, the Fund complies with the Code of Conduct - an ethical code published by the English Ministry of Justice - and has undertaken to obey the Code and live up to its standards, subjected to the relevant amendments. 

Goal and Purpose


The First Libra Fund was established with the purpose of funding select legal proceedings with high chances of success, according to a model implemented by similar funds worldwide. The Fund offers funding for civil-commercial claims and arbitrations with valued NIS at 5 million or more, both in Israel and Abroad.

The Fund’s business model is based on investor funding, and investment-success-return: the Fund receives its share of the funds awarded to the client-plaintiff, which received funding in order to litigate his claim.


Meet the First Libra Fund


The First Libra Fund is a fund incorporated as a Limited Partnership in Israel, which finances legal claims, and is the first of its kind in Israel. The Fund is managed by experts in the fields of Law, Economics and Management, all of which have a wealth of experience, impressive achievements and an in-depth familiarity with Litigation and Arbitration.

The Fund’s founders have extensive legal and managerial experience, and its professional boards are comprised of carefully selected retired judges, renowned jurists, businesspeople and senior academics. The General Partner is First Libra Fund Manage ltd, which manages NIS tens of millions in investments.


How It Works

If the analysis team’s decision is positive, the case is sent for final review and approval by the investment board, while an agreement with the plaintiff is drafted.


The investment board considers an array of parameters, according to which a decision regarding the funding of the case is rendered. If the investment board recommends that the Fund approves funding for the case, an agreement with the client and his attorney is executed.


Throughout the legal proceedings, the Fund provides funding to the client as well as his attorney, advisors, experts and the court, all in accordance with the milestones set in the agreement.


If the client is awarded a favorable judgment, the proceeds are divided as per the agreement. If the judgment is not favorable, the Fund finances all costs (except for the one-time fee required when opening a case).

An individual or a corporation involved in a business dispute with another party can address the First Libra Fund, and request the funding required to litigate the claim.


After receiving the client’s request, the Fund performs an initial review in order to determine whether the claim meets the minimal criteria which will enable the Fund to consider the request for funding. If necessary, the client is invited for a meeting with the Fund’s legal counsel for further review of the relevant materials.


Should the initial review yield a positive answer, the claim is handed to a claim analysis team for an in-depth professional review (a one-time fee is required).


The team will review the entire case, and perform a thorough analysis. Within several days, the client is informed whether the case has met the criteria for further review. 


Interested in learning more about the First First Libra Fund? The following brief presentation includes additional information regarding the Fund, its advantages and abilities.

Why is it worthwhile?

Law Firms


Guaranteed profit – the First Libra Fund is obligated to pay your fees, court fees and expert costs, guaranteeing that your fees are fully paid, regardless of the outcome or the client’s financial abilities.


Financial stability – the Fund’s financial means and stability allow you to represent the client regardless of financial crisis, unexpected events or lengthy legal disputes.


Improved predictability – the initial review performed by the Fund before funding is granted represents the case’s chances, and improves your ability to predict the outcome of the proceedings.


Increase in caseload – many justified claims are not filed due to funding difficulties. The Fund aims to change this reality, and provide your office with additional potential cases. 

The funding of your claim allows you to exercise your rights, address the courts without financial risk, and receive justice, as well as justly deserved compensation.



Review – the best legal minds in the Israeli legal system are at your disposal and will review the case, define the legal questions, perform a thorough analysis and appraise the chances and risks.


Backing – the plaintiff frees himself from financial risk, since the Fund assumes all of the expenses generated by the legal proceedings, including court fees.


Support – the case’s success is also the Fund’s success. Therefore, alongside the legal support offered by your attorney, you will also enjoy the logistic and financial support of the Fund.


Stability – an engagement with the Fund also provides an educated, objective opinion regarding a claim’s chances, providing a professional “seal of approval” before a costly proceeding is initiated.


What people say about us

The First Libra Fund has brought the winds of change to the Israeli legal system - see our reviews

Potential plaintiffs, who were once forced to abandon their claim due to financing issues, are now able to harness the Fund’s resources and seek judicial assistance without fearing the financial burden.

Law Offices enjoy an increase in their workload, since they receive additional (quality) cases and do not have to worry or deal with debt collection hardships.

The Fund enjoys the fruits of its investment in cases which receive favorable judgments or end by way of settlement.

Professor Tzipora Cohen

Yariv Shnapp, Managing Director

Adv. Ofer Furth, Chairman and Founder

Honorable (Ret.) Judge, Dr. Drora Pilpel

Deputy president (Ret.) Honorable Judge Salim Joubran Chairman of the Investment Board